Welcome. This site is dedicated to the artists and sponsors of The Grizzly Gathering, a fundraiser for the youth and children's sections of Park County, Wyoming's three libraries.

A book is now available on this highly successful project. If you have trouble linking and ordering through the connection below, please contact the coordinator@grizgathering.com.
For more information, visit http://www.grizgathering.com..


Order your copy of this 38 page 8x10 hardbound book containing 212 photos and the story behind The Grizzly Gathering project. From inception to conclusion, everything is here, the joys and heartaches, successes and tribulations. click here to preview the first 15 pages of the book, to check on pricing, and to place your order.


Ursus Horribilis topped the winnings chart with a sale for $31,000. That's $27,500 that will go into the pot to spend on improvements in the youth sections of the Park County library system. Congratulations to buyer, Glenn Borkenhagen, to artist, Joy Simpson, and to the Centered Heart, which will receive the grizzly for display at its offices on East Sheridan Avenue in Cody.


Several hundred auction and library lovers turned out to bid on the big painted fiberglass grizzlies.

Get ready for this! Counting all 25 bears, the project gained $216,550!

The project coordinators are over the moon. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Interested in pictures of all the bears?

Want a memory of the summer of 2008?

Wish to share the bears with clients and friends?

Buy a calendar or a batch of them. Each has a dropdown that can be personalized with:
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In just three weeks, on October 4th, the grizzlies will come together for the last time--big and small--all will gather to celebrate the opening of the new Park County Library.

Come to enjoy the splendid new facility, to see all of the grizzlies together, and to enjoy the auction of the big bears.

Where? The Park County Complex (old Marathon Building).

When? October 4th ceremonies begin at 3:00
Auction begins at 4:30

If you're interested in learning more about the auction, contact the coordinator@grizgathering.com.


The Little Bear silent auction ended on Labor Day, earning $15,200 for the youth sections of the Park County libraries. Many thanks to the great artists who participated, donating their time and talent, to the Cody Country Art League which hosted much of the event, and to everyone else who helped with posters and publicity, with hosting the little bears and helping in other ways.

The little bears will remain on display at the Cody Country Art League through the month of September, then will be part of the big GATHERING of grizzlies (big and little) as part of the celebrations surrounding the opening of the new Park County Library on 4 October 2008.

The high bids on the little bears will be announced at 4:30 on the 4th. Any time within the next week, the high bidders can pay for their bear and collect him at the new library in Cody. Anyone unable to do so, should make alternate arrangements.

The winners of the artists competition will also be announced at that time. To maintain the suspense, the prices posted on the Little Bear web page will remain those of a week before the auction's closing. Final prices will be posted on 4 October.


Attention! The 30 little grizzlies currently migrating around Park County will be gathered together at the old Cody library for its closing on 16 August, arriving the afternoon of 14 August. The silent auction bid sheets will be with them, for those who are interested in bidding.

On 19 August, the little bears will resume their migratory patterns, their individual locations being posted on www.grizgathering.com/littlebears.html.

The little bears will disappear from their migratory haunts on 29 August, gathering at the Cody Country Art League for a final GATHERING OF THE LITTLE GRIZZLIES. They will have their bid sheets.

Labor Day is the last day of bidding, which closes at 4:00 pm.

The little grizzlies, though, will remain on exhibit at the CCAL for the month of September, the names of the high bidders being announced and the bears going to their permanent homes on 4 October.